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Sonic Sea Review

Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum recently featured a showing of Sonic Sea, a 2016 ocean sound documentary. Narrated by Rachel McAdams, the film addressed sounds created by human activity and how they are changing the behavior of marine mammals. A generous amount of ocean visuals are served up in Sonic Sea portraying a scene the viewer … Continue reading

Breathe: Take a Dip with Freediving

Epic diving movies like Deep Star Six, Michael Crichton’s Sphere, Deep Blue Sea and The Abyss all play on the element of fear which is so perfect to manipulate underwater. A little freaky-tense music, startled faces and bam. Fear. The movie Breathe by director Martin Khodabakhshian allows the idea conquering fear and darkness through sport without … Continue reading

Kon-Tiki Movie Review

Kon-Tiki Movie Review

Any adventurer out there can relate to the escapism that one gets out of a well done adventure movie. Kon-Tiki, based on the 1947 story of Thor Heyerdahl crossing the Pacific on a raft does just that. The 2012 movie was nominated and won several film awards. Kon-Tiki is the creator god from Inca mythology, and the raft … Continue reading