DIGITAL DETOX: Six Weeks Without Home Internet

* DIGITAL * DETOX * TIME *  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *

My palms are sweaty. I’ve woken with a slight twitch under my eye. No iPad articles with the morning COFFEE… how will I function? What led me to this? The internet? It’s all the internet’s fault.


My iPad mini is the perfect internet-article-browsing and social media device for my needs. It displays the photos colourfully and I can zoom, or I can just swipe away, on to the next article. More MORE MORE! Gifs. Photos. DIAGRAMS. Pinterest time. I N F O G R A P H I C S!!!

This is all lovely and techy, but the writer in me desires more “actual reading material” like magazines and papers. The blogger in me wants my iPad, computer, and phone even when I’m performing other tasks like watching TV, having dinner, having breakfast. There’s so much internet stuff out there, why not spend more time browsing it? Can’t I just fit one more youtube video in before I go off and do the bills?

Just a few more articles while I glance up at the TV out of the corner of my eye. Isn’t that how watching TV is done these days- intermittently as you glance up from the device, a couple tv frames to match blaring background audio.

The first few weeks of my digital detox, corresponded with moving into a new place downtown. I was experiencing what might be described as exhaustion or perhaps digital confusion. The emotional pain of technological deprivation was dull and behind the scenes like a sprained foot that you didn’t know was sprained yet.

I chose to delay my home internet activation to focus on other things, and now it’s turned into my little productivity project. How much can I actually accomplish instead? 

Others have taken pledges of a digital detox. A digital detox removes technology, or restricts it. Try replacing it with something of value to you like, relationships, classes or exercise. 

Technology should entertain us and make life easier and faster. Six weeks in, and I’ve found some kind of balance. You do what you need to at internet places, then at home, do home things.

You can appreciate your technologies, then live the rest of your life appreciating other things.


Amuse yourself with some traditional print humour instead.

It seems like internet is simply all for free.. all of this information… these webpages… these photos and videos and digital constructs. Other then the actual cost of the internet service, it’s using your valuable time.

One day I’ll go back to home internet browsing and staring at my phone and iPad as I listen to TV shows.

Life in the slow lane continues for now for me for now, but I’ll eventually step back into the world wide web and the internet, refreshed, re-booted and re-energized but remembering what a page with print on it feels like between my fingers.

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