Running: New Summer’s Resolutions


Just imagine you’ve got the ambition and genetics of an olympic athlete, a fearless warrior from the U-go-now U-get’em tribe, famous for its ability to defy all restrictive limiting thoughts and intentions holding you back. You will activate previously ignored and neglected ability to sprint like a powerful cheetah across the great savannah, urban pathway, marathon finish.

I’m not up for a marathon (yet), but that runner endorphin thing is on the agenda. Yeah, I’m looking for that feeling where your body says I hate you, why are you doing this to me, and I love this why don’t I do it more often – all at the same time.

As I read through the new Runners World- May 2015 issue, Peter Sagal in the Road Scholar column covers a story about two freakishly dedicated athletes who decide to cross the country, Portland to Washington D.C. in a running trip. At 20K in expenses, this was no small undertaking. How long does it take to run 3000 miles across a country?

It’s exciting to know that as much as you like to imagine limits for yourself, your very own version of this story could happen. Jogging the entire circumference of a small Hawaiian Island, trail running the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, a full marathon… we’re all running some race after all.

Apparently there are these smart socks by Sensoria that help you to measure your running and health information. Very super cool, but there’s also Spree wearables caps that register information as well as various smart watches and devices like the Fitbit, Iwatch and Garmin GPS wrist guides. Techies like myself will find themselves amused and challenged to choose their favourite devices. I guess you have to decide how much the app interface and additional services mean to you, and what they might look like in the end.

For my “New Summer’s Resolutions”, I’m picking up running again.
Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit whether it’s going to be -1 degrees in two days. It was 20 a few days ago, so in my books it’s now summertime, and running season is GAME ON.


Maybe it’s the buzz of the Boston Marathon seeping into my thoughts or maybe it’s the prompting from various health magazines. I’ve completed my first 5k race after a few weeks of training which was a great way to observe competitors and try something new.

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