Fool’s Gold: If You Don’t Like It, We Can’t be Facebook Friends Anymore


If you haven’t seen Fool’s Gold yet, you need to drop that boring CIA spy mystery, game-show, sitcom, or poorly acted home cleaning product infomercial. Whatever your video device is tuned into this very instant.

In Fool’s Gold, the two main characters who are separated come into contact again at their divorce hearing. Shortly after that, Finn (McConaughey) convinces an ultra rich yacht owner who happens to be Tess’s (Hudson’s) employer, to assist in their quest to find the treasure from the lost Aurelia, a Spanish ship lost in 1715. Most of the movie was filmed in Australia on the gold coast including Brisbane and some islands, but is set in the Caribbean.

Multi-millionaire Nigel Honeycomb, the yacht owner, is joined by daughter Gemma who arrives by helicopter. She’s a spoiled heiress, constantly in the press, coming to spend time with her father. After an awkward hug she looks around at the massive yacht and says “So um, is this the whole boat?” Her addition to the story adds some “simpleness” to the group dynamics. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but a nice addition contrasting Tess’s smarts.

All these character quirks and storylines lead them forward into dangerous interactions with “Big Bunny”, the villain to whom Finn’s character owes big bucks. Bunny hires Moe, a rival treasure hunter of Finn, to beat them to the rich finds and rivalry erupts.

It’s a fun story with danger, scuba scenes, a gold coin shooting water spout, high speed jet-ski chases, a helicopter, scooter driving off a cliff and exploding, plus a float plane crashing into the aqua blue waters where the main characters could die (but don’t). This action-humour genre is needed to make us forget the boring bills, responsibilities, work and final exams we’d rather see swept off to sea with the changing tides.

Kate and Mathew’s movie romance occurs over several movies. Okay, I know he’s no longer the ad executive player dude in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, and Kate’s not doing an assignment for her editor to get rid of some idiot who deserves it, but I can’t help regressing to Kate in her diamonds, and Matt in his tux at the end. It’s more of that, but better, and tropical.

The beginning scene with the exploding boat, which the divers underneath do not notice is one criticism. Underwater while diving every sound is amplified. You can hear even a quiet motorboat several kilometres away. An exploding boat going unnoticed less then a hundred meters away would be nothing short of a miracle unless the diver was blaring an underwater iPod contraption. It’s forgiveable though and sets the rest of the plot in motion.

Rotten tomatoes only gave Fool’s Gold 11% rating on their combined review which surprised me. Seriously, what are we looking for here, a National Geographic documentary? They say humourless gags, predictable storyline and lack of chemistry between performers but I say it’s basically pure gold.

I consider myself a movie enthusiast, and think it’s an exceptionally decent way to waste two hours of my time which would otherwise be spent not appreciating beautiful aqua ocean waters, ships, treasures and GOLD. EMERALDS. ISLAND PARADISE.


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