Bloggers and Adventurers: NYC, the White House and the Seven Seas

As I was browsing Justin Livingston’s blog ScoutSixteen the other day, I started to feel like I missed New York. Scanning through various shots of NYC streets and restaurants reminded me of an urban feel I miss. I mean, I can sit at home here and watch Will and Grace re-runs, but realistically, I eventually have to go outside and see the boring suburbs, beavers, Tim Hortons and various other suburban Canada terrible things.

Often I used to think how much I’d rather be in NYC then anywhere else in the world. Now I just see it as this place I’ll come back to, where it feels like home. Maybe it’s the writer or photographer in me, or maybe it’s that I literally grew up with it on TV. I get a healthy dose of instagrams from several New Yorkers and various urbanites around the world, so I at least feel somewhat connected to “not the suburbs”.

Speaking of bloggers, I was really psyched to hear that there was an event happening called the White House Travel Blogger Summit. Carol Cain, who I’d briefly met in Ireland, would be joining them in 2014. The event inspired cultural diversity and travelling with purpose. Some of the international programs to participate in are listed on her post: Follow Up to the White House Travel Blogger Summit. I’m not sure which programs are available where, so no angry “I’m from southern Argentina and I can’t do the program,” comments.

Having an extended abroad experience puts a whole other angle on culture. I never had the opportunity to volunteer, study or work abroad in my twenties due to financial restraints. I finally was able to branch out and explore the world more extensively in 2011 and I recommend everyone choose a place to explore.

I always have an eye on the ocean and sustainability topics and here are some noteworthy expeditions. Seafood chef Ned Bell from the Four Seasons Vancouver biked his way across Canada, somewhere in the 8000kms range, in support of sustainable seafood last year. Check out his story. I have run into many who’ve driven across the country, myself included, but biking across takes a whole other degree of training and dedication. He attended various cooking and public events along the way. An interview here shares  some tips about sustainable seafood.

Lastly, endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh undertook a swim of seven seas in support of ocean sustainability with videographer Ben Brown last year. You can follow along on youtube and his website. Check them out here: Seven Seas.

From New York to the White House to the Seven Seas,  scope out some old back issues of National Geographic to jog the memory banks as you consider your 2015 planning and beyond.



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