Kon-Tiki Movie Review

Any adventurer out there can relate to the escapism that one gets out of a well done adventure movie. Kon-Tiki, based on the 1947 story of Thor Heyerdahl crossing the Pacific on a raft does just that. The 2012 movie was nominated and won several film awards.

Kon-Tiki is the creator god from Inca mythology, and the raft was named after it. Heyerdahl’s theory that the Polynesian islands were colonized by South America was initially disproved by DNA testing showing mostly Asian descent. Some later evidence discussed by a telegraph article in 2011 supported that some Easter Island resident’s DNA originated from South America, a small victory for the explorer’s theory. His journey sought to prove the possibility of their voyage in a simple raft, which received great criticism in his time.

Norwegian airlines website shares a detailed story about the background of Norway’s most expensive movie at ($16 Million USD), including some interesting bits about the two directors and their involvement. Watching the characters dip their toes over the edge into the phosphorescent algae brings back memories of the waters of Thailand. Some of the movie is filmed there, as well as a good portion of the raft scenes filmed in Malta.


If you make it to Oslo, Norway check out the official Kon-Tiki museum. It is the permanent residence of the actual raft, but a little small for my desired South Pacific sailing.

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