Seven Creative Blog Postings

Try one of these lucky seven creative blog postings to save the day from another boring post.

The Gear Review: Got gear? Whether it be your most dependable backpack or an electronic gadget that makes your life excellent, some stuff you just can’t get enough of or live without. Review away with some photos, video clips and links to further details.

What’s In My Pack: The what’s in my pack, is a curious question to answer, and magazines often feature this type of article. Feature away all your expertise with an arranged photograph overhead of some neatly arranged supplies.

Food & Restaurant Review: Eat, eat, eat to your heart’s content, then write up your review like the specialist you are.

Photo Essay: Maybe it’s a black and white series, documentary style or a very colourful photo series. Choose one, decide on your caption, then post away.

Event Coverage: There are endless cultural gatherings that you can cover and bring light to. Bring the reader along on the tale and you get to control the pace of imaging the event from beginning to middle, and end of the story.

Book Review: Find an interesting and relevant book, and write up a detailed review. No doubt, your fellow writer might value the free publicity.

The Interview: The interview itself is an information gathering session, but the way that it’s composed on paper constitutes the “meat” of your creative work. Go ahead and ask the difficult questions and create some beautiful intrigue through which to entice the reader.

While you’re busy writing away about how Thai curry is extremely hot, the Eiffel tower is smaller then you thought and New York City isn’t that dangerous at all, you realize there are so many more ways to compose a story.

Working some of these ideas into your writing keeps people on their toes.



2 thoughts on “Seven Creative Blog Postings

  1. Thanks, Scott, for including my post in your list!
    I had no idea at first how I should put all my experiences and impressions from my first time at Burning Man into a blog post, but I’m happy to hear I’ve found a creative way! 🙂
    See you soon, I hope, and happy travels to you!

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