Microadventure Planning: Escaping to Recharge

As soon as I heard the term microadventure from explorer Alastair Humphries, I thought everyone needs more of these. To honour that twinkling thought in the mundaneness of normal routine, the theme here is planning more short escapes. With winter soon starting, there’s no better time then the present to start firing those idea neurons. What can you do nearby? What have you never done before? What do you have to plan for next year.

Adventures don’t have to always be lengthy or exotic to be of value, hence the little or “micro” adventure. Attitude is key, not big budget. Without little escapes, we would not get the time we need to recharge ourselves which is pretty essential for functioning through life stress.

Realms Of Activity
Getting off the ground, underground or floating in water departs you from your comfort zone to shake things up. You may not trek through the crocodile infested rivers of Australia, or sky dive over the Grand Canyon but there’s plenty of options and elevations to choose from. Gliding in the air, kayaking in the water, biking on the ground or caving underground are all different potentials for your activity.

Lists & Organizing
Organize a greater number of free or budget microadventures with one or two impressive ones to top it off. At least one impressive one where you spend money will give you that achievement feeling of I actually do things! You deserve to do things.

I’m a particular fan of the spreadsheet. Lists make me happy. How about a spreadsheet of a list? Not filtering your potential with restrictions will help come up with more. Start with twenty, but aim for more brilliant achievable ideas.

Mapping Your Adventure
Find a regional map of your area and start pinning potential spots to explore.
“What’s that? An App you say…?” No. A physical wall map… as in not electronic. As in not a smart phone, tablet or electronic device of any form. Going old school makes it real and you can’t ignore it when the power goes off or your attention span dwindles. You have an actual physical plan on a map somewhere, and you’re committed.

Although you might not treasure the return to your exciting life in Explorations Of Corporate Data Analysis, New Discoveries In Relationship Compromise or Adventures In Diaper Changing, never fear. You can go out and have another microadventure very soon.

Microadventure Pins

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