The One Week Writing Challenge



Here’s seven days of writing ideas to sharpen your writer tools. Write away to your glorious hearts content.

Monday: Oh Monday… how painful thou art. Write a 100 word piece about pain or conflict, and resolve it by the end. Best get this out of the way now, then move on to bigger and happier things.

Tuesday: Time to muster up a 200 word story of life. Someone is born, married and dies in your tiny story.

Wednesday: Write 300 words today about love: who, what, where, when, why and how. What’s love got to do with it? Maybe it’s a journal entry, or a letter to your high school guidance counsellor about how wrong it was for you to marry your high school sweetheart. Enlighten us with a lovely tale.

Thursday: Someone is having sex, someone had sex or someone is about to have sex. What’s sex got to do with it? Tell us in 400 words sexily all about it.

Friday: A 500 word synopsis of the screenplay of your life is required, or maybe just an interesting cross section. Steven Speilburg himself has requested it, so get moving. Maybe you’d like to suggest a new location and actors. A bigger house? Big hats? Long walks on the beach? Jet planes?

Saturday: Write down the name of the first fairy tale that comes to mind. In 600 words start with Once Upon A Time, and end with They Lived Happily Ever After but write someone that you know personally into the tale. Mad that you’re writing 600 words on Saturday? Hey, you’re a writer. You persevere and are up to the task with thesaurus in one hand, glass of wine in the other.

Sunday: All this productive writing you’ve been publishing all week has some publishers banging on your door. Where the hell is this John Smith and where can we send his $20,000 book deal advance cheque?

Penguin has signed you for their latest novel. They need a 700 word speech for the book party thanking all the writers you’ve ever met for their contribution to your writing. Go ahead, and make people cry happy tears. Maybe they’ll buy three or four copies of that novel for your glorious autograph.

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