Ten Days of Writing Exercises


Sick of being categorized as the best E-How.com writer? Creating relevant and smart sounding HR blog postings got you down? Tired of copy writing TV advertising for law firms specializing in motor vehicle accidents?

Time to think outside the “computer screen” and practice tailoring your wonderful scribbles to a new audience.

Day 1: The good old “Top Ten” feature piece

Cosmopolitan, GQ or Men’s Health are low on their printable articles this month. Give them your Top 10___________ or Top 10 Worst ____________ for their latest feature article.

Day 2: Lonely Planet babies all grown up

Lonely planet’s loyal backpackers are all grown up with families and kids now. Write a family based article that still caters to the “well travelled” type with tips on how to get there, where to stay and activities.

Day 3: Unleash the home decorator within

House & Garden magazine needs some juicy tips. Take the reader through a journey of transforming their wonderful home or garden into a nester’s paradise.

Day 4: Removing writer’s blockage

The best writers need your list of ideas and expertise to get them through their hair pulling slump. Serve up a compilation of 7 Ways To Remove Writer’s Block.

Day 5 : Lois Lane is on holidays . . .

Superman’s latest activities in Metropolis are always a hit with the Daily Planet. Take a headliner from a current newspaper and write out how Superman just saved a modern day problem.

Day 6: The five question interview

Find an interview article on a topic and person of choice and copy five of the questions. Write out your own answers to the five questions.

Day 7: Bottoms up with food and drink writing

Your favourite beverage or food in the world… prepare it! While savouring the glory, write a page about the origin and culture around it.

Day 8: Time travel to the Olympic past

You’ve been sent to cover one Olympic Games in history. Choose whatever angle you like and write a short piece.

Day 9: The “evil angle” piece

A non ethical media outlet has asked you to write a news piece with an evil angle to it, perhaps to achieve their own objectives. Don’t worry, your evil news will never go to print so do your worst.

Day 10 (Final Day!): Swiss Stay-cation

It’s been a tough ten days, especially after yesterday’s evil angle and covering Superman’s heroic feats. You deserve a vacation, but how about a writer’s stay-cation instead?

You were sent to Switzerland for a mountain adventure during summertime in the Swiss Alps. Write a page about the experience.

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