Vietnamese Temple Wandering


I stand at Po Ngar temples looking up at the majestic, ancient temple structures that reach up into the sky. They are alive with visitors, also in awe of their beauty. Reddish bricks come together in an exotic ensemble reminiscent of the Cambodian angkor architecture. People come to these places for peace, to explore and be spiritual and find little oasis in the chaos to stop and reflect.

Boarding a local bus cost around ten cents in Nha Trang, and brought me across town to visit the temples. Local bus rides in foreign countries with no English signs, or guarantee of anyone speaking English to confirm your directions is an adventure in itself, and worth the hassle. After spotting the temples and getting the signal from the English speaking local who helped me on the bus, I was off, into the bustling street, the dust, the scooters, cats, workers, tourists. Off into crowds speckled with those recognizable Vietnamese cone hats.

Approximately 1200 years ago, around the year 780, the temple was built. Thoughtfully arranged offerings are set out with fruits and incense. Price for entry to the temple was quite reasonable, and crafts or souvenirs were for sale once you entered the main area.

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Po Ngar Temples


boats nha trang

Nha Trang in addition to being a known scuba diving and beach destination is also home to plenty of fishing boats, seaweed drying on shores and large scenic bridges across a small town harbor.

Green mountainous horizons in the distance parallel to coastal waters ensure a memorable visit to the edge of Asia, and Vietnam.

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