Ocean Problems vs People Problems

Ocean problems. Tidal waves are ocean problems. Diseases amongst species of fish are ocean problems. The battle over reef territory. Scrounging for food. Desperate attempts at survival against predators are ocean problems. Cyclones. Ocean problems.

Global warming? Climate change? The Pacific garbage patch? (actually several patches). Nuclear radiation affecting poisoning fish populations? Shark finning? Overfishing? Waste management issues? Oil tanker spill? People problems.

oil seabirds

We need to learn to manage our people problems, or at least make every effort to put a logical plan in place to minimize damage to natural environments. Species at most risk, or areas of most concern should be prioritized, then plans acted out.

We need to fix our people problems, and this is part of what makes us human. Using new technology and group effort allows us to solve the problems we created in countless ways.


Sustainable Seafood.

How is sustainable seafood something of high value and importance? Many conscientious and educated people don’t really know what sustainable seafood is. Hearing once won’t change our behaviour, but practical systems in place that make being sustainable part of daily habit and routine will encourage the right kind of change.


Conservation & How To Help Now!

  • Volunteer to clean an oil spill.


Think about the effect that your habits and choices have on the world and environment. Starting small and making positive changes is something. There was once someone who said to be the change you want to see, and “By Example” is the best place to start making changes.


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