Top 10 Storytelling Features in the 2014 Blogosphere

Blogging isn’t what it used to be. What kind of message is included in your posting now? In the past, storytellers used character development or typographic elements in order to change the way text appeared to change the message. Bolds show something important. BOLD CAPS (PERHAPS SOMEONE IS SCREAMING). Italics might enhance without  unnecessary distraction. !@#$%p u  n c t u a t i o n !@#$% because someone is swearing, but you’re keeping it PG.

“Centering and quoting is another interesting way to copy magazine appearance.”

Blogging still has this range of expression but why stop there? Here are some of the best additions to storytelling in 2014.


Embedded links are a fantastic way to include information for the reader or to direct them to something else important or something that might please them in some random way. The challenge is deciding how many lovely distracting links to include in your message and what is simply noise or unnecessary.

Try visiting The Habits Of Supremely Happy People from Huffington Post for a brilliant full blown example much more throughly demonstrative of the art of embedded linkage.

2) PHOTO GALLERIES: Why have one photo when you can have…. eighty!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Music brings an interesting element to a blog. Maybe you’re targeting a certain audience or maybe you’re feeling particularly expressive and want to spruce up the posting. Or perhaps a certain song was playing and you want that available. Perhaps you reviewed a band, or your favorite artist has something new released.

Maybe someone found a way to make the Jurrasic Park Themesong 1000 times slower, and you’re just ….. whoa. Amused?!

Perhaps a free track is available:


Youtube and WordPress can host videos of different lengths and resolutions. High Definition is pretty much the new “norm” and can be relatively quickly uploaded with a high speed internet connection.


You can go to an HDR, monochrome or highly contrasted beauty in seconds with some of the latest apps out there. Dress your photo up for the big party and get ready for the red carpet online publishing event by going monochrome or HDR.

A range of apps like Over, Snapseed, Moldiv, and Repix are all there for your using.  In literally 1 minute you can edit and re-save your image file and voila!

Below are some samples of photos edited with Snapseed for Ipad.



Monaco Aquarium


Mini, medium and large interactive maps are a nice addition to a posting, and can clarify where in the world you are writing about. It brings some mouse clicking interaction and gives some background especially with travel related postings.

If you google a location, you can then modify the size and appearance of a map, then copy a code and implant it directly into your blog posting. Voila, location added.


Short of handing out 3D glasses with your blog posting, the Panorama 360  app for IPAD/PHONE/BLACKBERRY opens up an interesting dimension to an online picture experience transporting viewers to a 3D image. When you activate the app you need to patch together the image by spinning around and stopping every second or two as you follow the arrows. If you see some techy nerd (perhaps moi) spinning around in circles taking pictures with an electronic something, perhaps this is why. Clicking through to the site shows the 3D panorama but you can also use a flat image like below. 

odeon2 eze3


Twitter, Instagram have become available in more permanence through Storify which allow you to piece together different people’s social media into a story with click through links. This is a separate way of collecting tweets and instagrams but you can always do a plain, old insert tweet onto your posting as well like the below.



Of course if all of this is just toooooo much for you, try a Tumbler  spinoff of your site for an easy way to entertain yourself, post and re-post other people’s blogging. This site is particularly easy to set up and get running. I was able to have several postings online and a theme selected within an hour.


As our attention span dwindles, we look for enhanced experience to wow us and transport us right into a feeling, a video, a clip.

A picture says a thousand words and does a GIF says 3-4-5 thousand? GIFs for beginners can be created at and also at Picasion if you do not have access to apps like GIFFBOOM or CINEGRAM for Iphone/ Ipad.


With these enhancements, there’s a variety of ways to convey a modern, interesting message and leave people with something different. Gone are the days where the internet was only text and pictures.

Expect new exciting trends to surface regularly, and the best is yet to come. It’s impossible to list all the new and interesting ways to blog and storytell online.

The digital world moves too quickly to capture it for any reasonable length of time but we can look forward to continued unleashing of online technological coolness.

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