You’re going to the Ocean

The ocean is like a moody person. Forever changing feeling, look and temperament day in and out.

Shorelines tell stories like who lives there, how harsh the climate is and what kind of effect people are having.

hal34 copy






You don’t need much right now other then this, and could take a piece of it with you. It would be a real memory, beautiful, solid and costs nothing. Leaking sunlight into your memory with warmth and blanketing your frozen February winters of white death with summer.


There was something inviting about this space.


There’s something smooth about the beach that invites you to wordlessness and peace. Salty ocean sprays out of the crashing surf hitting you as you are still.

You could say this was your best self, your beach self.

No need to rush.





Perhaps a moment of this can come with you on your way as you roll down the highway back to the city and resume life’s organized schedule of dinner, laundry, tooth brushing, lawn mowing and tv watching.










Sometimes childhood beach memories surface and subside as we see younger versions of ourselves walking past.


4 thoughts on “You’re going to the Ocean

  1. Lovely post, Scott. You may enjoy this piece by Gaelic Storm, “Swimmin’ in the Sea”. This captures, I think, what I felt like when I first learned to love going to the shore.

    Thank you for this lovely post and for liking my post today on Tide Line Still Life. Enjoy the changing season and all the wonder that it brings to the shore. Best, Maggie

    • Thanks Maggie. I do enjoy different cultures and music and plan to learn some basic Gaelic very soon in Ireland. I’m looking forward to some good Irish shoreline shots. Enjoy the Autumn tides as well.

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