Exploring Ayutthaya’s Siamese Archaeological Ruins

Places of spiritual significance and archaeology tend to attract local and tourist attention to revere in the supreme peace and history. According to UNESCO, Ayutthaya grew to be one of the world’s largest cities and was a cosmopolitan business center of its time, thriving from the 14th to 17th centuries before being burned to the ground by the Burmese.

Stone ruins have a way of making you contemplate yourself, who built them, where they lived, as well as who else has seen, lived or walked here like you are now. Ruins have this sort of solidness that makes one further tolerate all of their problems just a little bit longer. Like the stones weathered through the centuries, and still remaining, nothing seems impossible.

ayu13 ayu12 Ayu10

The simplicity and solidness of the Buddhas of Ayutthaya invoke many curiosities, energizing a sense of wonder and mystery.


In Wayne Dyer’s essay on Living Beyond Ego, he states: Being civilized in most cultures primarily constitutes being consumed with attaining “success” in the acquisition of power and things, which supposedly will provide happiness and prevent unhappiness.

There’s not a glimmer here of western consumption, and I couldn’t be happier. . .  feeling quite “civilized” in the ruins. You stand in the vicinity of hot dusty red bricks, hazy Thai sun hitting the grassy grounds as tourists bike by and locals on tractors maintain the properties.

This isn’t solely a spiritual place, but one of curious observation and one to wander through. Ruins serve as reminders of the treasures of a society’s work and collective triumph. Historical power struggles and conflicts leave whole societies and cities in rubble, but trees will still grow and the people will return eventually in time.



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