Sophisticated Studies in International Signage, and Spelling Lessons from Abroad

1) Welcome to the New Delhi metro. Spitting will incur a 200 rupee fine, save the spit for later. 

funnys1 copy

2) This temple in Krabi had useful indication of where one should handle parkibg a csr.


3) Do not spit, litter or abuse children on the beach. Just in case you needed a reminder.


When communicating across linguistic barriers, one must enter the “dumb it down” mentality to get understood. One of the most rewarding experiences of intercultural communication is this level of basic-ness that we all lack in our complex communicative interactions with members of our own language.

4) Save the cigar for later….


5) Pitch in, and “giving a cleaning!”


6)  I believe this south Indian beach sign says something along the lines of: safe, clean, healthy water. Nice place to swim. 

sign17) Cross the Ganga by motorboat, and “success” your journey!


8) A Japanese restaurant in McLeod Ganj in the Himalayas.


9) Ah, Krabi, Thailand bars. Thats what I’m talking about! Order a Basket, Tom Colliem, Malibu Pieapple or a Bloody Malie. One can be assured they are special.


10) On the way to Kanchanaburi, Thailand, stop for some Yemmy Food.


11) I love you just you are, Thailand.


12) There’s a few restrictions on items allowed in the Taj Mahal. Look and learn. In a country like India where there are some 15 languages and multiple scripts, this pictorial representation is quite genius. 


13) Self explanatory.


14) Enough of this nonsense. I’m going to the Becah.


15) In Sweden, one could be looking for the utfart… Var är utfart!


16) In Deutschland, stores have clearly marked hours.


17) Paris erected some signs to tell people where not to go.


18) Thieving animated characters in Rome try to steal signs.


19) Safety on construction sites in Thailand is clearly marked and of the utmost importance. The sign reads: Foot protection must beware, head protection must be worm, and weat safety hamess AT ALL TIMES!!


4 thoughts on “Sophisticated Studies in International Signage, and Spelling Lessons from Abroad

    • I could totally go for a Basket, its Friday. Maybe a tom colliem. . . ! You were there when I took that sign at the beach in South India with the skull and crossbones. Good times. 🙂

    • Streaking would not be appreciated, I’m sure given the general tendency to wear long pants and a long sleeve dressed shirt in India’s daily 40 degree heat. Basically the only ones wearing shorts there were tourists or young people under 30!

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