Ten Publishers That Want Your Travel Writing Now!

Glistening salty waters and white sand beaches as far as the eye can see. Untouched rain forests graced with the sharp calls of wild parrots, monkeys and insects in the humid jungle night. Twilight falls upon the windy grasslands of the African wilderness graced by black and white striped zebras drinking at the waterhole. Fragrant rosemary bushes grew spotted amongst black olive trees along the dusty coast of Mykonos, Greece.

Everyone out there is familiar with travel writing of some form, and we’re all really some form of a writer, in a way.  So journal out that best memory, compose and edit it into a submission-worthy piece, have your best editing friend review and correct it, then submit it for publication.The worst that can happen is rejection.

Some potential markets for your best polished pieces, as well as links to submission guidelines and instructions are laid out below for easy access. There are way more publications out there then you could possibly ever submit articles or proposals to. Chose a few, and give it your best shot.

Lonely Planet : www.lonelyplanet.com

Lonely Planet is a publication that caters to travelers of all shapes, sizes and ages. The company was founded in the 70’s after the owners spent a year traveling across Europe and Asia ending in Australia. In 2011, it was taken over by BBC.

Submission guidelines: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/jobs/work-at-lonely-planet-authors/

National Geographic Traveler : http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/traveler-magazine

National Geographic Traveler is a travel magazine that showcases destinations all over the world. It relies on industry experts, and has some of the most beautiful supporting photography in the industry.

Writer guidelines can be found here: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/traveler-magazine/about-us/writer-guidelines/

Verge Magazine : www.vergemagazine.com

This is a magazine for volunteers abroad, studiers abroad, english teachers and various other adventurous travelers. The publication’s general target market is those who are seriously considering living or working abroad, and are looking for options about how to proceed.

Contributor guidelines can be found here: http://www.vergemagazine.com/pdf/VergeContributorGuide.pdf

A wonderful article on tips for submitting a proposal, blogging in the field and how to get in touch with the editorial staff can be found here: http://www.vergemagazine.com/about/contributing.html

EnRoute :   www.enroute.aircanada.com

Air Canada’s in flight travel magazine provides a broad selection of travel articles about around the world destinations. The magazine caters to the Canadians who love to travel and anyone else on board who loves a good read. As a bonus, it’s completely bilingual (English/French), in line with Canada’s official bilingualism policy.

Submission guidelines can be found here: http://enroute.aircanada.com/en/articles/writers-guidelines/

Wanderlust : www.wanderlust.co.uk 

This United Kingdom travel publication specializes in adventure, cultural and international travel features.

Writer guidelines can be found here: http://www.wanderlust.co.uk/aboutus/writers

Mens Journal :  www.mensjournal.com 

This magazine has a strong focus on adventure and adrenaline inducing activities. The readership/ target audience is men 18-55, and mainly North American.

Contact information available here: http://www.mensjournal.com/services/contactus

The Literary Traveler :  www.literarytraveler.com 

This is an online writers blog about places that hold some literary significance or relevance. The typical audience is interested in diverse travel experience, culture, and is a reader of literature.

Submission guidelines are here: http://www.literarytraveler.com/contact/submissions/

Outpost Magazine :  www.outpostmagazine.com 

This Canadian magazine offers tales of exotic adventures abroad and locally.

Submission guidelines available here: http://www.outpostmagazine.com/contributor-guidelines/

Outside Magazine :  www.outsideonline.com 

Outside magazine caters to the outdoor lover who would rather be outdoors doing anything from biking to camping or adventuring away the daily boredom that builds up. The name of the magazine says it all. If it’s outdoor, adventure or survival related, it could be good for Outside readers.

Contributor guidelines can be found here: http://www.outsideonline.com/contributors-guidelines/contributors-guidelines.html

Good luck with your submissions, and remember that rejection is good for self-confidence building. Nothing that ever happened easily was really truly appreciated.  See it as a challenge for you to rise above, reach further and more effectively with your written words.


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